What International Moving Services Include
Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation


What International Moving Services Include

Moving internationally is a challenge. Usually it brings a sense of excitement which, however, can easily tip over into overwhelm. The best way to cope is to reach out for help. Rely on friends to give you a hand (or a listening ear) and use our international moving services for practical assistance you can rely on. More than just shipping your goods from one country to another, we are here with a whole variety of services that will make your move easier and less stressful. Pick and choose from among our offerings to take exactly what you need.

Full packing service or moving boxes

We are ready to pack all your belongings, if you wish, to save you time and hassle. But not only that, our professional packing skills will ensure that your possessions are carefully wrapped and efficiently organized into protective containers, to ensure that they will arrive at your new residence safe and sound. Large pieces will be expertly disassembled, and fragile objects and antiques will be handled with special TLC. We also take into account the shipping method you have opted for. (Please see below.) If you’d like to do your own packing but are in search of moving boxes and crates, we will be happy to furnish as many as you need.

Methods of transport

There are several methods of shipping household goods. These include truck, train, and cargo ship or air freight. As a rule, we use a combination of these methods that will be right for you. For example, once your boxes and crates have been packed up, normally we will transport them to the port of departure via train or truck. Then, from there, they will be shipped by sea or air to your destination country. We will contact you to clear your goods through the local Customs Office, with our supervision. After the procedures have been successfully completed, we’ll expedite your shipment directly to your new front door. There we will unload, and when necessary reassemble, your goods quickly and carefully.

Additional services

Every move is different. Our long experience with providing international moving services has taught us that each customer is bound to have his or her own unique needs. For example, we are available to arrange for storage of your possessions, upon your request, especially large items like furniture. However, you may be looking to have your things stored in your country of origin and then forwarded once you have set up a home abroad. Or the opposite may be the case – you’ll prefer to have us locate storage space in your destination city or town. Another way that we can be of help is with our tracking and tracing service, to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your containers.

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