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Moving Company in Miami, Florida

Ready for your new challenge?

Moving out of your home or even your office is never easy, whether you are moving local to a new neighborhood, long distance to a new state or international to a new country. Relocation is a great challenge and it’s Important to prepare yourself carefully and choose your moving company wisely. Do not compromise, choose only the best and make sure they are fully licensed and insured.

Nobel Relocation also known as Nobel Van Lines is a moving company headquartered in Miami that has everything you are looking for in your choice:


Fully Licensed




Extra careful


Great Team

Keeping your family safe

For over 14 years

We are a national leading relocation company and we are also your neighbors. We built our company on trust and outstanding customer interaction. We are proud of the fact that a significant portion of our business is based on return and referral customers.

We are a family oriented company for more than 14 years and we invite you too, to be a part of Nobel Relocation family also known as Nobel Van Lines. We know the importance of taking care of your family and keeping it safe. And doing so is our 1st priority. Our teams of experts  will make sure everything is being handled properly and carefully.
We are fully insured fully licensed company. Solid credentials are very much important for you safety. We also got a working late customer service to answer any QA and help you with all of your needs. Don’t hesitate to call!

Customer support

We are proud to base our work on our 70% return & referral customers. Our customers are like family to us. We see trough each and every move door to door and take responsibility and care of our clients. Our
customer’s service is happy to hear from you and help you with any inquiry you have. Don’t hesitate to call us. 

Art & Antiques

As the Premier Fine Art and Antique Movers in Miami and Atlanta, Nobel Relocation specializes in fine art and antiques moving,
and has extensive experience moving galleries and museums’ irreplaceable artwork.


Packing is the most complex mission of every move, weather local or international. Your items need to be carefully wrapped with the right materials so no damage will be done to your belongings.

We charge for packing by the hour and per materials we used. We don’t save when Packing your essentials, and we take full responsibility for the packed items. Should you decide to do it yourself, we can supply you with the correct PM, and advise you on how to pack.


We take pride in our storage. Its big, well organized and well maintained. On long distance moves and international move, we provide our customers free storage for 1 month. For all other moves and storage needs, we give fair prices and excellent service.

Taking care of business

Noble relocation truck

Office Move


We understand Businesses!

We know what it is to lose a day of work, we know the frustration of management and employees having to go on working without having their convenient space of work. That is why we plan a head and move fast!

Employee Relocation

Employee relocation is exciting news and a sensitive process, needs to be handled professionally. Our international division is an expert in employee relocation with a wide solid net of expert that will take care of the move as smoothly as possible, from one destination of the world to another.

Planing a head is essential, set up a meeting with our international representative.

Noble relocation crane

Social Responsibility

We are a local Miami company, a part of a beautiful caring community. We owe most of our success to you, for trusting us. your approval and referrals is what made this company grow and now it is our time to give back. We want to help those in need and for that we made you an application. If you are in need of our help or if you know a family \ organization in need of a free move, please fill the application and submit. Our office will review the application and make an honest choice, each 2nd month of the year. Good luck to you and May god be with each one of you.


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