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4 Best Tips on Organizing Your International Move

Avoid any last-minute moving stress by creating a detailed plan and sticking to it. By planning time in your schedule to get a few hours of packing done per day, you will significantly reduce your moving worries and make systematic progress. International moves can sometimes be more complex, which makes preparing your action plan all the more important.

From the experts at Nobel Relocation, the top ways to streamline your moving experience:

Keep Track of Expenses

Moving can sometimes get a bit disorganized, but that doesn’t mean your financials have to be! Keep track of your moving expenses by creating a spreadsheet where you can input all of your moving-related expenses. Doing this ensures that all of your records remain in one place, allowing for easy review. You can also hold on to any important receipts by creating a specific moving receipts folder on your computer. Online receipts can be directly added to the folder and physical receipts can be scanned, making all documents organized and easily accessible.

Purge Before Packing

Getting rid of unwanted items is essential to a seamless move because there isn’t much sense in moving unwanted possessions cross-border only to dispose of them later on. Easy ways to purge your belongings include following the general principle that if you haven’t used an item in the past six months, you probably don’t need it anymore!  Avoid moving unwanted clothing by following a simple closet trick used by the pros. A few months before moving, change the direction of all of your closet hangers and once an item has been worn, place the hanger back in the correct direction. This method allows you to easily assess which clothes you actually wear and gives you a concrete reason to part with the items you don’t.

Only Take Essential Paperwork

Sorting through paperwork is no one’s favorite task, but it definitely needs to be done prior to an international move. Prevent moving unnecessary boxes by scanning paperwork and storing it on a hard-drive. This way, you can still easily access important paperwork while being stored in a safe and secure manner. If you do decide to keep some physical copies of paperwork, opt to store them in a climate controlled storage facility or in a secure box that can be stored with family and friends.

Get Informed

Moving across international borders requires copious amounts of paperwork and documentation that varies country to country. The rules and regulations can become complicated and difficult to understand without expert advice; for example, when moving from Miami to Peru, vehicles can only be imported if they are less than five years old and have a maximum of 80,000 km. This is different from moving to Canada, where there are fewer restrictions on vehicle imports. These disparities stress the importance of hiring an international moving expert that understands all of the complex regulations and can guide you through the moving process with ease.

By effectively planning your international move, you will be able to relax and enjoy the process of living and experiencing a new part of the world. Learn more about Nobel Relocation’s international moving services by visiting our website, or request an on-site estimate now!

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