7 Things you must to check when comparing moving quotes

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7 Things you must to check when comparing moving quotes

When you are getting quotes from moving companies, you need to make sure that you are checking for seven special things in each quote. If these quotes do not contain the proper items, they are not going to provide you with the value that you need for your move. These moves can be quite expensive, and you want to get the most out of the move that you can.

  1. The quote should have line items for every service. You need to be able to read every single thing that is going to be charged to your credit card. If you have a complete quote, you can compare those charges to what is charged after the move.
  2. The moving company should show full charges for the labor charged for packing. You need to see how much you are being charged per hour for labor by the crew, and you should see how many people are being assigned to your move.
  3. The mover should show charges for all truck usage during the move. If you have the charges listed for the trucks, you can see how much will charged for the driver, the fuel and the mileage.
  4. The bill must be final once you receive it. When you get the bill, it needs to be the final so that there is no surprise after the move is finished.
  5. Try and ask to make changes to the quote. You can ask for changes to the quote so that you can afford the move. Small changes will make it easy for you to align your move pricing with your budget.
  6. You should be able to carry some items in your personal vehicle. When you have the most fragile items in your car, you will be able to protect them without worry. This way you cant also reduce the insurance cost.
  7. When it comes to international moving you should ask how they will send your items via a freight company. Consider asking that certain items will be sent ahead of you to make sure that they make it safely and on time.

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