Best Long Distance Moving Tips

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Best Long Distance Moving Tips

Best practices and Long distance moving tips

Under even the best of circumstances, moving is an ordeal. This is often more so the case when the relocation includes long distance moving or international moving. Keep these tips in mind throughout your move in order to minimize the disruption and chaos that seem to be part of every move:

  • For both local moves and international moving, locate and arrange for a moving company several months in advance. This is especially true if you will be moving in summer, when moving companies are especially busy.
  • Do an estimate of how many boxes you will need. Look for online moving estimators for help. Generally, the number of rooms in the current house or apartment is the basis for an estimate.
  • Collect newspapers, tissue paper and bubble wrap to use as padding for fragile items.
  • Choose the right box for the contents. Do not put heavy items such as books in a large box or it will be too heavy to lift.
  • Before packing, separate out items for personal care and enough clothing for the duration of the move. Keep basic kitchen supplies available so that it is not necessary to eat every meal in a restaurant.
  • Mark every box clearly with contents and also the room that the items will be used in – kitchen, bathroom, office. The boxes can be placed in the correct room and unpacking will be easier.
  • For long distance moving, consider climate and humidity issues when packing boxes. Will the boxes and their contents be able to withstand temperature changes from one region to another?
  • Some aspects of international moving may be covered by customs regulations. Check a reliable source such as an embassy or consulate office to see if any restrictions apply to your move.
  • Keep important and high value items with you during a move. Plan to carry jewelry, important documents, medical records, prescription drugs and personal papers such as IDs, passports and credit cards in the luggage that will stay in your possession.

Moving can represent an exciting change and a new beginning, especially in the case of an international move. Careful planning and attention to details will help to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible and the new adventure begins without the complications and trials of a bad moving experience.


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