Choose the Right Long Distance Moving Services for You

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Choose the Right Long Distance Moving Services for You

When you are moving long distance, you may well be pressed for time. Often a long distance move entails a deadline of some sort, such as the start of the new semester of classes at university or a vacancy date for your present residence. To ensure that you complete your move on time – and simply to make your life easier – you can choose from the many special services offered by professional long distance moving companies.

The basic services

The essentials which you will need when hiring a long distance mover are a vehicle and personnel to take your belongings to your new home address. Frequently the long distance movers who load up your shipment are not the same as the ones who will unload, so in such a case, it’s important to make sure that the moving company you choose has an operation in your new city. Unlike a local move, which is charged by the hour, you will pay for your long distance move according to the total weight of your shipment. This will be estimated by a mover’s agent in advance, at the time he gives you a price quote. The actual weight will be determined by subtracting the vehicle’s empty weight from its poundage from its weight once it has been loaded with your belongings.

Additional services

Beyond the basic loading, driving and unloading, you can choose from a variety of extras. Depending on your needs, long distance moving services may include providing cartons and other packing materials, performing the actual packing and crating, disassembly and reassembly of your major appliances, cleaning your old or your new home (or both!), and storing your household goods until your new home is ready. It is up to you to determine how much of your move will be a “do it yourself” project and how much you will leave in the hands of the moving professionals.

Are the additional services worth it?

Of course, the price quote for your move will cover all the basics. Additional charges will be calculated for any extras; this should be clarified at the time you book your moving company. Whether you consider special services such as packing and storage worth the expense is completely a matter of your personal preference. You will need to be the judge of which tasks you have the time and patience for, and which you would prefer to have taken care of on your behalf. However, if you are on a tight schedule (for example, you are due to start a new employment position shortly after the move), it may be well worth your while to delegate a large part of the responsibility for your long distance move.

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