Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation

  • All Passports (old and new) for all citizenships, for customer, spouse and all dependent children
  • Foreign worker must have a B-1 Visa stamped in Passport and Third Party Guarantee from his employer
  • Religious personnel must have an A-3 Visa stamped in Passport and Third Party Guarantee
  • Returning Israeli student must have stamped Passport by Customs authorities
  • Residence Visa
  • Customs Bond
  • Proof of Employment
  • Insurance Certificate and breakdown
  • Certificate of Residence – legally stamped (lease or proof of ownership for a minimum of one year — if furnished, should specify which items supplied, as duplicate items imported are not duty-free)
  • Letter authorizing destination agent to clear shipment
  • Inventory (in Hebrew) showing values of all items, giving make, serial number and appliance manufacturer’s name, whether old or new, and sizes for all fabric items (rugs, drapes, wallpaper, etc.)
    • Must itemize dinnerware and cutlery
    • Invoices for new items
  • New Immigrant Booklet (Teudat Oleh) for immigrants
  • Israeli identity card (for singles), divorce papers (for divorced persons), death certificate (for widows/widowers), and similar personal identity documents, as applicable
  • Declaration and Power of Attorney for customs to be prepared and signed at the destination agents office
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