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  • Only one of each electrical/electronic appliances are duty-free

    • Original invoices required
    • Must state make, model and serial number
  • New items (invoice required)
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Carpets, curtains, linoleum, wallpaper, fabrics (state how many meters and price)
  • Tools and gifts
  • Musical instruments
  • Camping and sports equipment
  • Food items: allowed 15 kgs. per person, the balance is subject to Customs duties
  • Cordless telephones and facsimile machines are dutiable and a special permit from the Ministry of Telecommunications is required. Recommend checking in advance whether model in question is permissible.
  • Computer, answering machine, fax machine, safety car seat, car radio, windsurfer, electric powered lawn mower, building accessories, compact disc and turntable (only if both are imported)
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