Finding the Best International Moving Companies

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Finding the Best International Moving Companies

When you are about to move internationally, you deserve the best. Relocating abroad, whether short or long term, can be a lifelong dream come true. You’ll experience a different culture first hand, get to know an exotic foreign city from the perspective of a local, perhaps enjoy a delightful new type of cuisine, along with world class educational and entertainment possibilities. Just make sure that your happy dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Finding the best international moving companies will help make sure that your overseas adventure starts out on the right note. Look for the following signs that you are dealing with a reliable moving service.

What do their customers say?

If you know anyone among your family and acquaintances who has relocated overseas, ask them which company they worked with and what their experience was like. Your prospective employer or educational institution is also likely to have recommendations. Online reviews, both positive and negative, can be helpful as well. The Better Business Bureau tends to provide a balanced perspective than some review sites, as the BBB keeps accurate details of customer complaints and how the company resolved the issue.

What do they have to offer you?

First of all, you are definitely advised to look for a mover with proven experience shipping internationally. Transportation via ocean cargo or air freight and coordinating the Customs Office red tape cannot be learned working only within the United States. Second, look for a variety of options, including the possibility to ship LCL (less than container), as opposed to only FCL (full container). Find out whether the company provides special discounts to its clients on the usual going rate for, say, air courier delivery service. Next, ask about their professional packing service if that is an option that interests you; a tightly packed shipping container can save you quite a bit of space and money. Investigate the amount of insurance the moving company offers, and what the terms and conditions are, exactly.

How can you keep track of your shipment?

Before you merrily send your packed shipping container on its way to the port, you should be aware that you may not see your possessions again for two months or more, depending on the weather conditions the cargo vessel encounters, any delays at the port, strikes and a whole list of possible delays. If this happens, you will want to be working with an international moving company that cares. Make sure that they have provisions for tracking and tracing your worldly possessions. An easily reachable, dedicated customer service rep, available to assist you 24/7, can also be a definite sanity saver … just in case anything goes wrong.

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