Questions and Answers about Moving

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Question: Does Nobel Relocation licensed to perform moving services?

Answer: Nobel Relocation is licensed to perform all moving services.  We are licensed to perform Local moving in the state of Florida (IM1204), Long Distance moving all over the US (US DOT 1329594 and MC 513792), and International moving (FMC 023756NF).


Question:  How much moving cost?

Answer:  It is really depend what type of moving service it is (Local, Long Distance or International), and where are you moving to.  In general when moving cost is based on the size of the shipment, the distance from one location to the other, and type of services required (If needed packing, crating, exc.).


Question:  How do moving company charge?

Answer:  It is depend on the type of the move.

Local Move – we charge by the hour, from the time we start loading until the time we finish unloading at the new location.  On top of it we add 1 hour return to the office travel time (If up to 40 miles away), and for any additional services if required (Such as packing and unpacking boxes, crating, handymen services exc.).

Long Distance Move – we charge based on the inventory list which gives us the estimated size of the shipment, and the location you are moving to.  The rates per location is determined by freight lines (East, West, Mid-West), and additional services if required (See above).

International Move – we provide Door to Door full services.  we charge based on the actual size of the shipment, and the services required (See above).


Question:  How to get moving quote?

Answer:  We recommend to request an in-home/on-site estimate before choosing a moving company.  This is the only way to guarantee your moving cost.


Question:  Is Nobel Relocation insured?

Answer:  Absolutely yes.  Please feel free to contact us and request a copy of our Certificate of Insurance.

Question:  How to choose moving company?

Answer:  We recommend to follow the next steps before choosing a moving company:


  1. Check the potential company’s BBB (Better Business Bureau) record
  2. Ask for a FREE in-home/on-site BINDING estimate
  3. Make sure the estimate include all services (Packing, Wrapping exc.), and optional charges (Stairs, Long Walk, exc.) if apply
  4. Ask to see current Certificate of Insurance (Proof of insurance)
  5. Set an exact pick up date and time

Question:  What is the difference between Packing and Wrapping?

Answer:   Packing is when the movers pack your boxes, and put all the dishes, clothes, books, and exc. into the boxes.

Wrapping is when the movers wrap/pack your furniture such as the sofas, mattresses and more.


Question:  Do I tip the movers?

Answer:   It is customary to pay gratuity to the movers upon full satisfaction of their services. A customary amount is $5-$8 per man per hour. The foreman (Head of the crew) will split it equally between the men.



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