House Movers Recommend these Change of Address Notifications

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House Movers Recommend these Change of Address Notifications

Moving tends to be flurry of sorting, packing, labeling and hauling. In all the turmoil, it can be easy to forget to take care of important tasks. But if you talk to an experienced reliable moving company, they can be extremely helpful. The pros have seen many moves in progress and they know the drill. They recommend paying careful attention to one particular detail that may get overlooked. That is, being sure to notify everyone about your upcoming move. Check out this guide to who to tell and when to let them know.

Well in advance

As a renter, you will need to give your landlord adequate notice according to the terms of your lease. Be sure that you fulfill all the conditions required to get back your security deposit; your house movers may offer cleanup service. When to inform your children of the upcoming move depends a lot on their ages. Tweens and teens may be involved in the planning process from very early on, if that is your family style. Preteens will need enough time to adjust to the news and to say goodbye to their friends. Younger children should be told in advance, in simple terms that they can understand (there are excellent picture books about family move), but not far enough ahead of time that they will become anxious.

Closer to your moving day

Request utility company services to be hooked up at your prospective home on or before the moving date. Put in a change of address with the Post Office; interestingly enough, you can use an online form to reroute your snail mail. Speaking of snail mail, if you still subscribe to print magazines, give them several weeks’ notice that you will be changing your residence. Ditto for telephone land lines, cable TV and computer broadband connections. Let your bank and credit card issuer(s) know; by the way, putting a lock on your new mailbox will help to keep correspondence from these institutions confidential. Your kids’ school should be informed and, in fact, will need to forward academic records if you are moving out of the district. Be sure to check in with the insurer of your household goods and furnishings to ensure that these belongings will be covered while in transit.

Within a few days after the move

You will have ten days from the time of your move to change the address on your driver’s license. Notify other government agencies such as the IRS promptly, and request that your employer send your tax records and any other documents to your new home. Inform your cell phone provider. Finally send out a group email to family friends and acquaintances to share the news of your move … and maybe invite them to a housewarming party.

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