How International Moving Costs Are Calculated

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How International Moving Costs Are Calculated

Are you moving abroad? Congratulations! You’ve made a big decision but one that can lead to the most exciting and satisfying experience of your life. You may well be on a pink cloud of anticipation right now. Nevertheless, there are a number of practical details which you will need to come down to earth and take care of. One of these is getting your belongings safely to your new overseas abode. You will find a variety of methods available, each with its own advantages. Be sure that you understand the associated cost before you commit yourself to shipping your possessions.

Methods of shipping goods abroad

Moving overseas usually involves crossing a sizable body of water. As such, at least part of the moving process will consist of transporting your crates and boxes via either ocean cargo ship, air freight or air courier. Ocean shipping is the most suitable for heavy weight and bulky objects. Use it for major appliances and large vehicles such as automobiles, vans, SUVs or trucks. Air freight is considerably more expensive. However, it is faster and less subject to delays. Use it for items which you will need within a few days of your arrival. Air freight is also the recommended means of transporting motorcycles, properly crated. Air courier is a special express delivery service for packages which weigh less than 150 pounds. It is the most costly method, but swift and reliable for urgent deliveries.

Calculate costs

A suitable shipping container must be used when packing goods for ocean shipment. Choose between FCL (full container) and LCL (less than container), depending on how much you have to transport. The price will be calculated based on the size of your container in square feet or square meters only, and not by weight. From this, you can see that shipping at least a portion of your household goods by ocean cargo will keep your international moving costs down. Air transportation works differently. Whether you are using air freight or air courier, the total weight will determine the amount you will have to pay.

Additional costs

There may be additional costs connected with your shipment. Your filled shipping container will need to be transported to the port which is nearest to your current address by train or truck, and the process will be reversed when it arrives in your new home country. The shipping charges quoted to you will often include standard insurance; however, loss, damage or expense resulting from non-covered perils such as war or piracy will be your own responsibility. Add to your calculations the cost of air fare to your new residence, as well as charges for any extra luggage that you check onto the plane with you.

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