How Office Movers Make Your Relocation More Efficient

Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation

Everyone in the business world is well aware that time is money. And, for that very reason, one of the major annoyances associated with an office relocation is the amount of valuable time a move consumes. Although you most likely anticipate reducing expenses relative to increasing profits in your new premises over the long run, in the short term you are looking at the possibility of substantial down time and lost productivity. However, the best office movers are equipped to help you make your relocation more efficient and minimize wasted time. Before you hire a professional mover, meet with them to discuss how they can assist you in this area.

Advance planning

Obviously, a well-planned move is an efficient move. Professional commercial movers can help not only with advance plans for packing, transportation and unloading in the fastest yet safest manner, but also with effective interior design and space usage arrangements for your new office. They may also be prepared to give advice on selection and purchase of new furniture and equipment, for both efficiency and economy, as well as reselling, donating or recycling unwanted items. Ask them to cooperate with your personnel to work out each member’s part in expediting the move.

Timing of your office move

Work with your movers to decide the most propitious time for your move. Generally this will be during your business’s annual slow season, when there are fewer clients to meet with and fewer orders to be filled. Other options include moving after normal business hours or on the weekend. These both offer the added advantage of allowing your office movers exclusive use of your building’s elevators, stairs and loading facilities. In addition, reduced street traffic during these off hours will mean that the moving vans can transport your office contents to their destination more quickly. Surprisingly, arranging to move your office at these times generally means a substantial cash savings for your firm. Of course, you will have to take the responsibility to ensure that the office building is open and accessible during the requisite hours.

Organizing the new office

Organizing the new office in the most efficient yet employee friendly way is even more challenging than packing up and vacating your old premises. Nevertheless, your movers will accomplish this complex task by means of diagrams indicating the way in which the new space is to be set up, together with a labeling scheme to keep track of every piece of furniture and equipment. They will reassemble all items according to their diagrams, beginning with time sensitive systems and equipment such as the hub of your company’s information technology, the data center and server room.

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