How to Get the Most from an Office Moving Service

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How to Get the Most from an Office Moving Service

The key to low stress, efficient office relocation is in the planning. Advance organization and a well thought out game plan will minimize disruption to your operations – and your employees – and maximize your chances of success. Seeking out a reliable office moving service is a step in the right direction. However, it’s important to know how to get the most out of the professional office relocation service which you hire. Here are some important pointers.

Before you contact the office relocation service

Senior management should meet internally early on in the process to map out both the company goals related to the move and a rough time frame for its execution. Budgetary considerations and commitments to your customers should be clearly laid out at this point in time, as well. Decide which aspects of the move you would like to turn over to the office moving service, and which can be handled internally; record details in writing to avoid confusion. This preliminary groundwork will ensure that you are properly prepared to take best advantage of the services a comprehensive office relocation firm will have to offer you.

Specialized services

If time, convenience and a transition to your new place of business that is as seamless as possible are at the top of your agenda, inquire about specialized services that will help you meet your objectives. For example, an “around the clock move,” where movers will work in shifts, literally around the clock, to clear out, pack, and ship your office contents, may be an excellent option to allow completion of the moving process within the constraints of your deadline. Or, if the move will entail storing delicate equipment or inventory for a period of time, you might opt for climate controlled warehousing. Another basic item which will considerably reduce the stress of the operation is a cleanup service; once you have vacated your old office, the moving company will clean the premises and dispose of unwanted equipment and furnishings.

Delegate from among your ranks

Delegate knowledgeable personnel to interface with their counterparts at the relocation service. These people should be prepared to be available 24 hours a day if necessary, either on site or by telephone. Begin this process by appointing a project manager as a go-to person to oversee the entire move. A high level engineer may be nominated to interface with the movers who will be dealing with disassembling, crating, shipping and reassembling all information technology hardware including desk top computers and monitors, together with data centers. Your personnel manager is the obvious choice to cooperate with the moving company rep in charge of arranging for such amenities as housing and language training.

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