International Movers Guide to Planning Your Relocation

Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation

It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever come through an international relocation saying, “I wish I had been less organized in planning my move abroad.” Even though the notification that you have been accepted for an employment position or an educational opportunity overseas may have come on very short notice, keeping a cool head and preparing thoughtfully for your move will pay off. Consult with your international movers for advance planning assistance. After all, as professionals, they have had experience with plenty of overseas relocations. Here are some of the crucial considerations which they will recommend.

Time factor

Time is of the essence. And here it is a double barreled consideration. First, take into account how long you will be staying abroad. This will affect what and how much you will need to bring with you. For example, if you are relocating for only six months, you probably won’t want to ship your household furniture, but you will need a wardrobe that will see you through several seasons. Second, consider how long a period you have to get ready for this major change in your lifestyle. If the time constraints are very pressing and your employer or university does not provide relocation services, ask your movers what kind of help they can provide in terms of packing, arranging for storage and otherwise preparing.

Home survey

Specialists in international relocation will arrange an appointment for a home survey as part of the preparation process. This visit to look over the contents of your home, which should be performed free of charge, is intended to help both parties determine exactly which of your household goods are to be shipped. Do your best to get ready for the home survey visit by sorting out beforehand unwanted possessions that you wish to give away, sell or discard. Your international movers will advise you at this juncture regarding any items that will not be accepted by the customs officials of your destination country. They will also educate you in the overseas shipping process, confirm a date for your move and quote a fee.

Packing and insurance

An international move is very different from just hauling your belongings across town. Every item must be carefully packed for ocean shipping or air cargo, to conform to transportation standards and minimize the possibility of damage or loss en route. It is generally recommended to let the experts take charge of your packing, particularly when the possessions in question are fragile. They are trained in the optimal packing techniques. In addition, verify the insurance coverage that will be provided. Usually you will be given the choice between a basic or an all-inclusive policy. The value of your goods will determine which one you select.

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