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Moving and Relocation to Portugal

Nobel Relocation is providing top quality Overseas services to all countries, if you don’t see your destination country here, please contact us, for more help.
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Are you about to move overseas to Portugal?  Whenever you move to a foreign country you need an experienced and professional international moving company such as Nobel Relocation to help you make the trip as trouble-free and uneventful as possible.
With its global network of seasoned relocation experts, Nobel Relocation can move individuals, families, and corporate personnel quickly and easily. Every customer is given the same attentive and respectful care so that they feel completely comfortable knowing that their arrangements are being properly taken care of. We answer all of your questions so that there isn’t a shred of doubt that you’re in good hands.
When moving to Portugal it’s important that you’re familiar with the inbound customs requirements. For example, you’re allowed to import a small quantity of tobacco and alcohol products, personal items and medication duty-free. Items that are restricted include food products and pets. And things that are outright prohibited include milk, meat, and protected species.
An international moving company as experienced as Nobel Relocation can easily help you avoid the pitfalls of Portugal’s customs clearances. We can advise you on what cargo is acceptable and what must be left behind so that you don’t have any problems getting your goods into the country.
Nobel Relocation has all of the skill, experience, knowledge, facilities, and staff to get your goods to Portugal without any trouble whatsoever. We’ll properly pack your property for maximum safe delivery. We’re a full-service international mover and we can take care of the logistics of your relocation in a cost-effective and efficient manner. And we can do it without compromising on quality.
When you’re looking for an international moving company with a track record of excellent and reliable service that’s professional and staffed with experienced relocation agents, then look no further than Nobel Relocation.



Honorary Consul: Rui Maria Navais Forcada


Address: 1650 Coral Way

Unit 603

Miami, FL 33145
Phone: 954 830 0662

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