Long Distance Movers: What Are Your Most Affordable Options?

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Long Distance Movers: What Are Your Most Affordable Options?

No doubt about it, moving long distance is a hassle … and expensive. Your goal is bound to be finding the best way to move your worldly goods – the contents of your present house or apartment – to a new home in a new city or state. At this point in time, you’re hoping to arrange for transportation in the most expeditious way, without paying the proverbial arm and a leg. Read this list for helpful pointers to enable an affordable move.

Truck vs. professionals?

Many people automatically assume that renting a truck is preferable to hiring a professional moving service. There are several drawbacks to this theory. First, you would not just be renting a truck; you’d have to drive it. And hours or days of driving an unfamiliar vehicle, heavily laden with your precious family and belongings, to get to your new residence is a challenging experience, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that you’d have to load the thing up as well, trying desperately to arrange all your stuff compactly yet securely. Quite simply, the pros do it faster and better.

Get a quote

Ask for a quote from several reputable moving firms, at least three if at all possible. Never accept quotes over the phone, and never reveal your budget prior to receiving a figure. An agent from the long distance movers should come to your home to review the amount you plan to take. Get an all-inclusive quote in writing rather than an estimate, to avoid any surprises like hidden charges. Then compare the service packages offered by each of the different movers and negotiate for the best deal. Find out when the deadline is that you have to confirm which firm you’ll be hiring.

Packing and storage

If you’re short on time, the most feasible option might be to have the movers pack for you. (You will pay for this service, naturally, but consider what your time is worth, per hour, at this demanding juncture. Plus professional movers are expert at efficient packing.) If you DIY, remember that cartons all the same size will stack best in the moving van. Good quality, uniform sized second hand containers may be obtained from your moving company. You can also get boxes from Craigslist, the recycling bin and so on, but make sure that they are sound and clean. Beware of bugs. Pack like the pros — economically, using every square inch of space to the max. Label each box carefully and cross reference it to a master list. If your new digs are not quite ready when you arrive at your destination city, you can generally save money by having the movers store your possessions for you temporarily rather than putting them into a storage unit.

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