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Nobel van Lines is the premier long distance movers in Florida. We refer to “long distance” as any move that crosses state lines and is over approximately 75 miles. This special category of moving is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. When taking good across state lines, it is important to use state and interstate licensed long distance movers, because it ensures both a level of quality and requisite amount of insurance.
Long distance moving in Miami is a growing industry, with the population of the city growing heavily each year. You will find an unlimited number of agencies to choose from. You can narrow your selection by checking performance records with the Florida U.S. Dept. of Transportation or Miami Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are also a member with the Florida Movers and Warehousemen Association (FMWA). We operate in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Tampa area, and all the surrounding area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Long Distance Moving Services

Nobel Van Lines provides long distance moving services from Florida and Georgia to all point in the United States, and we also provide moving services for customers moving to Florida and Georgia. We move anything, from a single item to full service packing for a residence or office. Nobel Van Lines always uses its own vehicles and full time professional long distance movers and drives. In this manner, we can control the efficiency and quality of your long distance move from beginning to end. As an independent moving company, we are able to provide you with exact pick up dates and delivery schedules. Our moving service includes up to 1 month free storage while in transit, detailed inventory listings of all household goods, free padding for all furniture. Full service packing is available at an additional charge.


Moving long distance can be very costly. Obtaining accurate estimates is important and will ensure there are no unexpected charges. In general, interstate moves are priced according to weight or volume (cubic feet). Nobel Van Lines charges by the list of items. We get the inventory of the items, translate it to volume (cubic Feet), and get the total size of the shipment. By using this method, we can guarantee the cost of your long distance move before it has been loaded onto our truck and provide you with the complete cost of your move to the penny. Prices based on weight are usually estimates and can be adjusted after the truck has been loaded and weighed. A generally accepted industry standard equation for converting estimates of weight to cubic feet is divide weight by 6.5 to get cubic feet or to multiply cubic feet by 6.5 to get weight. In general, the cost of long distance moves is broken down into 3 parts:


The Transportation is the price you pay to transport your goods from point A to point B. As stated, Nobel Van Lines charges by the list of items. The price per cubic foot varies based on the state you’re moving to.
The cost of transportation includes the followings: All labor on pickup and delivery, dis-assembly and assembly of all basic furniture, moving pads protection, Basic valuation coverage, Inventory of all articles transported, Taxes and fuel and one month free storage in Florida. Transportation charge is based on normal access at both locations.

If you would wish to calculate the volume or weight of your household goods for a long distance move you are planning to make, please click here.


Nobel Van Lines can provide with professional packing services for all your household contents such as China, Linens, Books, Dishes, Artwork, etc. The price for this service is based on the number of boxes packed and material used. All boxes will be marked to their location. If you wish to do your own packing, you can purchase the boxes from us and we will deliver them to your door step, please click here.


Included in your long distance move costs, at no additional charge, is the basic insurance coverage of $.60 per pound per article as is required by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. You can obtain other types of coverage either through Nobel Van Lines or your own insurance company. To get more information about insurance options

Click Here for Moving Insurance Paperwork (Please press to enlarge)

In addition to these primary cost components, you may be subject to other charges such as; long carry, if delivery truck cannot access your delivery location and items need to be wheeled in more than 75 feet. In case the tractor trailer cannot access the complex or neighborhood, a small truck will be needed to shuttle the goods to location at destination only. Hoisting, Stairs charge, if you are moving higher than a 2nd floor with no elevator. We will ask all the right questions and try to foresee if any of these will apply to your move. For more info call (800) 971-6711Need long distance movers in Florida? Contact Nobel Van Lines

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