Looking for cheap moving? Top 7 moving scams

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Looking for cheap moving? Top 7 moving scams

There is a reason that moving is considered just as stressful as the death of a family member in psychological terms: when so many of the moving companies are scam artists who make their business models contingent on hitting you with hidden fees from the start of the job to the finish.
If you want to find one of the few reputable moving companies in your area, here are some of the scams that you should avoid.

1.    Not Adhering to the Estimate

Moving companies that give you an estimate should adhere to that estimate. If there are any additional charges that are not included, you should not pay them.

2.    Tip Not Included

Many movers will try to con you into giving them a tip after all is said and done. You can certainly do this if you feel the need, but if they ask for one, you should keep your hands out of your pockets.

3.    No Insurance Provided

All reputable moving companies have some standard insurance that will protect their workers as well as the property of the clients. If there is no insurance, it is likely this business is flying under the radar.

4.    Payment Before Unpacking

Many moving businesses that are scam artists will attempt to make you pay more than the estimate before unpacking your things into the final destination. Make sure that you have a witness and a record of the interaction so that you can take the situation to court if need be.

5.    Time Minimums

If a job takes two hours, there is no reason that you should pay for four hours. Moving companies that make you pay for a time minimum, are either going to try to stretch out that time, or con you out of money that they did not work for.

6.    Pay Per Man

Many scammy moving companies will tell you over the phone that you are paying per man. They will then tell you that only two men are showing up. On the day of the move, five or six men will show up. You will be expected to pay for all of them as per the agreement. Do not agree to any situation like this.

7.    Pre and Post Payment

Stick to your approved price quote which should include the payments breakdown. Any moving company that requires payments beyond or not according the agreement should be avoided. Make sure that you only pay a company once and that they stick to the estimate that they gave you.

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