Moving Checklist: Print and Follow

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Moving Checklist: Print and Follow


Moving can be stressful but with a plan and a checklist, it shouldn’t be incredibly unmanageable.
The time to start thinking about your move is weeks or months in advance, not a week before the move.

This is the short version for our Moving Checklist. for the full version please visit Nobel Relocation Moving Checklist

Months Before the Move

Sort and Trash

  • Clean the garage. Don’t take those spiders with you on your new move!
  • Sort items in the basement and attic. Do you really need Grandma’s old creepy dolls?
  • Don’t be afraid to toss things in the trash. Use this as an opportunity to clear your life of unwanted items.

Have a Yard Sale or Donate

  • Schedule a yard sale.
    Invite the neighbors and have a multiple home yard sale, which will attract more buyers.
    Donate leftovers. Anything that doesn’t sell at the yard sale can be donated to a local charity.

School and Doctor Records

  • Call the child’s school to have the records transferred. It can take some time for these organizations to send paperwork, so it’s best to contact them as soon as possible with a move date.
  • Phone the new school to start the enrollment process. Let them know to be on the lookout for the child’s records.
  • Inform the child’s doctor of the move. Ask for referrals. Don’t wait until they get that first sniffle to wonder about a new doctor.

Weeks until the Move

Newspaper, Mail and Credit Cards

  • Change your address online with the post office. It beats standing in that long line.
  • Any magazines or subscriptions that come to the house should be notified of the impending move.
  • Notify your bank and credit card company too.


  • Call and schedule to have the utilities turned off at the old location.
  • If you’ll be using the same company, schedule the reconnection at the new location, or call the new utility service for a connection date.
  • Overlap the disconnect with the connection so you won’t be without power or gas before the move. Moving boxes in the dark will be impossible, unless you have night vision goggles.

Gather Supplies

  • By now you are probably already know that boxes for moving are a “must to have”. So its about to either get them from you moving company, or buy them at the nearest DIY shop
  • You’ll need packing tape, newspapers for wrapping fragile items and markers for labeling the boxes.
    You’ll also need to gather together your closest burly friends to help you with the move too. Contact friends to see who is available for the move, and consider how you’ll feed them on moving day too.

Days until the Move


  • It’s time to start packing. Have a plan of attack for your packing. It’s important to think about what you need and don’t need in the next week.
  • Don’t pack every stitch of clothing before the move, or your new neighbors might be shocked.
  • Leave things like the kitchen for last.
  • It’s helpful to start with the garage, attic, closets and off-season clothes.
  • Label all boxes with the items and the room. Label the top and the sides.

This checklist should help with the weeks prior to your move as well as keep you organized for the move itself. Consider gathering all your notes in a binder for easy access and to have all your information in one place.

for more info please visit the full version our Nobel Relocation Moving Checklist

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