Moving Tips

Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation

We have compiled this moving tips list  to help make your move worry-free!



1. Ask for a lot of questions.
When choosing a moving company, the details are extremely important. The very first and most important question you should ask is: Are you licensed? If the company is licensed in Florida State , they will be able to provide you with a Florida MR license number (Nobel Relocation is MR-476). Their license number, as well as their address, should be listed in their advertisement. Write it down. Also, call the DOT to confirm the license number is legitimate. The DOT will be able to tell you whether the company’s required insurance coverage is in effect.

2. Tell the estimator all the details.
When calling around for estimates, tell the estimator everything you are moving. If you leave out “a few pieces,” it will affect the quote you receive . If you are moving into or out of a walk-up, it will take a bit longer than a move into or out of an elevator building. If you had any problems getting certain pieces into your current apartment, let the estimator know (i.e., narrow stairs, large furniture). Your estimator will have to take that information into consideration when determining the time it will take to complete your move.

3. Beware of hidden charges.
If you call around and most of the companies give you basically the same time estimate, and one gives you a much lower one, don’t assume it’s the best deal . For example, if you have a one-bedroom apartment and most of the companies are estimating about five hours, and one tells you they can do it in two, don’t take the bait. Movers are not supermen; you generally have an idea of how long your move will take. Nobody knows your things as well as you do. If the hourly rate is substantially low, be leery of “hidden charges.” If they offer a lot of “free” stuff, like boxes, insurance, etc., be prepared for them to make up the difference somewhere else.

4. Insurance/Valuation.
Movers are required to “cover” your belongings at no additional charge “up to 60 cents per pound.” This means, if you have a lamp that weighs ten pounds, you are entitled to no more than $6.00, regardless of the true value of the piece. Additional valuation must be charged for , and is determined by the value of your goods. If you wish to be paid depreciated value for lost or damaged items, you must declare a lump sum value for the entire shipment, and pay an extra charge.

5. Written Estimates.
We suggest asking the companies you contact via telephone to fax or mail a copy of their estimate, including an inventory list, which will bring to attention any pieces that were not discussed.

6. Written Binding Estimates.
Depending on the size of your move, it may be a good idea to have an estimator visit your home and take a walkthrough. An at-home consultation will allow you to meet a company’s representative, and will help avoid a deceptively low estimate. Upon completing the walk-through, the estimator should provide you with a written estimate of probable cost, or a Written Binding Estimate . Carefully read the front and back of the contract; there are a few conditions that, if not complied with, will make the agreement void. Also, a W.B.E is not valid unless you have had an on-site evaluation.

7. Packing.
In order to have a cost-efficient move, we strongly suggest being packed. Keep in mind, any time the movers spend packing you up will be charged at an hourly rate. Also, do not assume the mover will provide the materials at no cost. If you want the mover to pack for you, let the estimator know, so that he or she can take it into consideration when determining the final estimated cost.

8. Payment.
Movers are not required to accept any form of payment other than cash, a certified check money order, or Traveler’s check. Nobel Relocation also accepts major credit cards for payment (In a Local move only).

9. Safety Concerns.
Don’t leave your old residence until the moving company leaves, unless you have a friend or neighbor acting on your behalf. Never leave anyone in your home alone.

10. Referral System.
As we are built our reputation as a professional mover, we will appreciate you submitting a referral letter by the end of your relocation service.

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