Office Movers and Your Security Needs

Keeping You Safe Every Step of the Way Nobel Relocation

Office Movers and Your Security Needs

Whatever your field of endeavor may be, your company is likely to pay a great deal of attention to security requirements. Valuable information such as top secret product formulas, sensitive customer files, confidential billing information and the like all need to be protected from prying eyes, just as expensive equipment needs to be safeguarded against theft. However, when you are in the midst of an office move, these things tend to be especially vulnerable to tampering. You will want to make sure that the moving firm you hire is ready and able to handle the critical issue of security.

Look for a reliable moving firm and screened employees

Deal only with professional movers – the relocation of your office and its valuable sensitive contents deserves the highest level of care. Look for a reliable moving firm with an established reputation and verifiable references. Any office movers you consider hiring should be fully licensed and insured, using only screened, bonded employees with clean background checks. Make sure that they are familiar and experienced with your type of secure moving requirements. If any items are to be stored temporarily, verify that the storage facilities have 24 hour security protection. For large amounts of cash and easily negotiable securities, you may wish to arrange for transportation using armed guards and an armored car.

Preparation for the move

Prepare for the move by identifying all items and files that need to be handled with particular attention to security. Take this opportunity to scan all classified documents as necessary, followed by the shredding and disposal of any paper copies that are no longer needed by your firm. If the moving firm carries out the shredding process, ask them to furnish a certificate of destruction, detailing the date, the number of bags they dealt with and who carried out the destruction. Appoint several trustworthy personnel, from among your management and security staff, to physically supervise the move. Last but not least, obtain the movers’ agreement for a member of your staff to accompany the moving truck during transportation.

Security on the moving day

Coordinate the move with building security. Arrange to have an elevator reserved for your exclusive use. Depending on the level of security required, you may wish to ensure that all entrances to, and exits from, the building are guarded as your office contents are being moved, making a similar type of arrangement at the new location as well. All moving vans should be under constant supervision, even when the movers’ employees are taking breaks. Designate a secure location in your new premises where the sensitive materials are to be placed and assign key members of your personnel to supervise their unloading and installation.

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