Office Moving Services: More than You Might Imagine

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Office Moving Services: More than You Might Imagine

Moving a business is not like moving from one house or apartment to another. It is a finely tuned operation … or at least it should be. Sensitive IT hardware, furnishings and equipment – and often valuable inventory as well – need to be packed up and transported from their present setting to a new location. All of this has to be done painstakingly, yet as quickly as feasible, with a minimum of down time for your business. Add to this complex formula the need to keep clients, suppliers and employees happy. The good news, though, is that specialized office relocation services are available. These are designed and dedicated to make management’s job easier at this stressful juncture. Here’s what to consider.

What type of move do you plan?

In order to determine what kind of assistance will be most beneficial, consider, first of all, the type of your planned office move. Some of the most common include:
1. Staying at the same address, but moving and rearranging furniture and technology related equipment
2. Staying at the same address, but expanding office space
3. Moving a part of your operation to a new location while retaining the existing office
4. Moving your entire operation
5. Moving long distance
6. Moving internationally
In the first three cases, you are likely to need space planning and design, packing and transportation services, including moving personnel who are skilled in handling IT equipment. However, in cases 4 to 6, the services required will tend to be much more extensive.

Will you be retaining your current office?

Space planning is essential to this type of move. You have likely identified problem areas, such as an excess of noise. Before any furnishings are packed or rearranged, a specialist in office moving services can help you redesign the setup to make it more efficient and pleasanter to work in. once you have a well-structured space plan, your moving expert will be available to assist you with that time honored part of any move – de-cluttering, followed by recycling or discarding. After these tasks are completed, the actual physical move is relatively simple.

Alternatively, will you be moving your entire operation?

In this case, emphasis must be placed on setting up a new place of business long distance. An office moving service with branches or representatives in your destination city may be able to attend to: obtaining permits and work visas; purchasing furniture and office supplies; managing efficient storage of records, data, and media; and scouting out any necessary amenities for management and personnel. In addition, the moving company may be able to advise you of any financial incentives for businesses which are relocating to new areas.

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