Office Relocation: Personnel Benefit Package

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Office Relocation: Personnel Benefit Package

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to a plum job within your firm. The only catch is that the position will require you to work out of the company’s head office, which is located many miles from your current residence. Obviously, moving to a new home as well as well as a new office is in your future. The good news is that your employer may be proffering a relocation benefit package to ease the transition. While this type of relocation package is usually not as generous nowadays as it was before the economic recession, it certainly will help to pave the way for your move. Here’s what you may expect to be offered.

Packing and transport

Packing and transport tend to be the most commonly covered items. Your office relocation package may very well include the following services: full pack (a professional moving company will pack up your household goods from start to finish), transport to your destination address and full unpack at your new home. The moving service may also comprise storage of part or all of your possessions as necessary; this is particularly relevant if you are being reassigned only temporarily. Another perk might be transportation of vehicles belonging to you and your spouse, especially in the case of an overseas move. Finally, the cost of travel for yourself and your family should also be covered. This could include periodic visits to the United States, in the case of an overseas position.


Assistance with housing is very important if you are being transferred to an unfamiliar area. There are various ways that your company could be willing to assist. You may need help breaking your existing rental lease — or either selling your current home or renting it out for a period of time. In the city where your new place of employment is located, company housing or a hotel stay might be provided. Alternatively, you may be given guidance and financial assistance in obtaining appropriate accommodation in a suitable neighborhood. Your employer could arrange to set up utility and telephone service, as well.

Documentation and acclimatization

Any necessary documentation such as professional licensing, visas for you and other family members, work permit, and so on will generally be arranged by your employer as required if you are being moved out of state or internationally. Transfer of your children’s educational records and enrollment in local schools may be taken care of, in addition to lessons in the language and culture if necessary. Other services might include help with establishing a bank account and registering your vehicles. Prior to your return to the US at the completion of your assignment, you should be provided with assistance in repatriation.

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