Origin & Destination Services

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Nobel Relocation is providing Origin and Destination services in the US.  We are a reliable and experienced moving company with comprehensive and cost-effective agent in the USA tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer competitive rates for air, road and sea transportation, packing and unpacking services, installation and assembly services, drayage services to and from seaports or airports, and customs clearance services.


Origin Services


Nobel Relocation can offer full origin services throughout the US.  The first step is a visit to your customer by one of our multilingual customer advisors.  At this visit, we list all of the furniture and objectsyour customer wish to relocate.  After the visit we will inform you about the best packing options for furniture or other valuable objects, and note any special requests you may need.  This visit serves as a basis for calculating a removal offer, for which the volume and value of your furniture, clothes and other belongings are entered into our price structure.

  • Pre-Shipment Preparation of Household Goods
  • Disassembly of the furniture
  • Packing by a professional crew
  • Crating
  • Container Drayage to the Port with our own fleet of lorries
  • Customs clearance
  • Storage if necessary



Destination Services

Important to know before shipping to the US


9/11 caused the US Customs Bureau to instigate increased awareness of all shipments which enter the USA.

For this reason, expect that customs officers will thoroughly check import documentation and reject incomplete or incorrect documents. The shipments such documents accompany will be placed on hold, meaning you will not have access to your goods until authorized by customs and your shipment will incur demurrage charges.

An increasing number of shipments entering the USA are x-rayed and/or randomly selected for physical inspection. These inspections will also cause delays in customs clearance, once again preventing your access to the shipment until authorized and also incurring demurrage and/or per diem charges.

At present customs clearance normally takes an average of 4 to 8 days from the shipment’s arrival.


Nobel Relocation advises you to forward all import documentation to our office at least seven (7) days prior to your shipment’s arrival, including:





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Help Completing US Customs Forms

Completing US Customs Form 3299

You will be required to fill out and sign a US Customs Form 3299 so that your unaccompanied personal effects and household goods may be cleared through US Customs. Here are instructions to complete this form:



You as the shipper are required to complete the following sections of Part I of Form 3299.


  1. Importer’s (your) name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Date of arrival (the date you, the importer, first arrived in the United States)
  4. US address
  5. Port of arrival (the port at which you, the importer, first arrived in the United States)
  6. Name of arriving airline and flight number
  7. Name(s) of accompanying household member(s)


*You do not need to complete Part I, Section 8, of the form..

Customer support

We are proud to base our work on our 70% return & referral customers. Our customers are like family to us. We see trough each and every move door to door and take responsibility and care of our clients. Our
customer’s service is happy to hear from you and help you with any inquiry you have. Don’t hesitate to call us. 

Art & Antiques

As the Premier Fine Art and Antique Movers in Miami and Atlanta, Nobel Relocation specializes in fine art and antiques moving,
and has extensive experience moving galleries and museums’ irreplaceable artwork.


Packing is the most complex mission of every move, weather local or international. Your items need to be carefully wrapped with the right materials so no damage will be done to your belongings.

We charge for packing by the hour and per materials we used. We don’t save when Packing your essentials, and we take full responsibility for the packed items. Should you decide to do it yourself, we can supply you with the correct PM, and advise you on how to pack.


We take pride in our storage. Its big, well organized and well maintained. On long distance moves and international move, we provide our customers free storage for 1 month. For all other moves and storage needs, we give fair prices and excellent service.


9. Residency. This section is used to indicate your previous and present residency status.
10. Statement(s) of eligibility for free entry of articles. You must declare all the items for which you are requesting duty free entry.



You are not required to complete Part III of Form 3299 unless your shipments are moving under a Government Bill of Lading (US Government employee or member of the US Armed Forces).



You are required to check all applicable boxes in Part IV and to declare any of the following items if they are contained in your shipment:


  1. Articles for the account of other persons (gifts)
  2. Articles for sale or commercial use
  3. Firearms and/or ammunition
  4. Alcoholic beverages of all types or tobacco products
  5. Fruits, plants, seeds, meats or birds
  6. Fish, wildlife or animal products
  7. Foreign household effects acquired abroad and used less than one year
  8. Foreign-made articles acquired in the United States and taken abroad on this trip or acquired abroad on another trip that was previously declared to US Customs
  9. Articles taken abroad which were altered or repaired overseas


*Part IV, Section D, requires that you list any of the items declared in Part IV, Items 1-7, and then provide customs with a description and a value of this merchandise.



You are not required to complete Part V.



You must sign Form 3299 in Part VI, Section 2, and date the form in Part IV, Section 3.
The completed, signed form must then be mailed to Nobel Relocation International Moving.
Nobel Relocation International Moving will be able to arrange customs clearance only when we receive your completed, signed form.

Completing Supplemental Customs Form

As well as US Customs Form 3299, you must complete the Supplemental Declaration for Unaccompanied Personal and Household Effects.

  • You must complete items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9
  • If you are a resident alien, complete item 6
  • If you are a corporate transferee, complete items 10, 11, 13 and 14
  • Items 15 and 16 should be left blank
  • For Item 17, select “Importer”
  • Sign the form on line 18

Completing Power of Attorney Form

Completing a Power of Attorney form is highly advisable. Otherwise, you will need to be physically present at customs for your shipment to clear.

  • On the Power of Attorney form, mark the box “Individual” in the upper right corner.
  • Print your name in the first blank space on the form. Then go down to the bottom of the form where it reads “has caused these presents to be sealed and signed: (Signature).”
  • Sign your name and date the form on the next line to the right. Any friend, co-worker, acquaintance or family member may sign as a witness.
  • It is not necessary to have the form notarized.


US Customs; Questions and Answers:


Question:  Client wants to add 500 kgs of Indian food items (Spice, Rice, Pulses, Cooking oil, etc)  Is that OK to import as part of a container?

Answer:  NO.  You cannot import any Food Related Items as part of Personal Effects, as Food Related Items are extremely complicated to clear, and a lot of products are complete band from Import into the USA.  They also have to pass FDA as part of Importing this type of products.


Question:  We have a customer that wants to return a shipment to United States. Around 60 packages + 1 Honda pilot 2013.

Vehicle is under his father’s name, but his father died a few months ago.  He got approval from Customs to re-export shipment back to USA.  Is he able to enter shipment under his name or it should be under the deceased name?

Answer:  YES, he can import it under his name


Question:  It that ok to import a car NON US specs under a Diplomatic Visa?

Answer:  It is OK only if it is mentioned under the DS-1504.  It will not be allowed, if it is not mentioned.  They need to have a Form DS-1504 signed by the Department of State.


Question:  We have a possible customer with goods to Raleigh, NC however he has lived in the USA his whole life and never left. Can we ship goods to him duty free? His girlfriend is moving over but only has a tourist VISA.

Answer:  It is OK but the cargo has to be consigned to the Owner of the cargo not her Boyfriend.


Question:  Are there any duties to import a Jet Ski?

Answer:  YES, it does it pays 1% duty rate from everywhere except from China that will pay an additional 25% on top of the 1%.


Question:  Is that ok to import a boat with NO engine into the US?

Answer:  YES, it should be okay as long as there is no engine.


Question:  Are there any duties apply to import furniture from Pakistan?

Answer: NO there is no Duties for Furniture., other than the Regular HMF : HARBOUR MAINTENANCE FEE” and MPF “ MERCHANDISE PROCESSING FEE”.

Other than this fees there will no other Duties.

HMF = $0.125% Ad Valorem

MPF  = $ 0.3464% Ad Valorem with a min. of $ 26.00 and a Max of $ 508.70



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