Helpful Packing Tips for Your Most Fragile Household Items

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Helpful Packing Tips for Your Most Fragile Items

Helpful Packing Tips for Your Most Fragile Household Items

Are you preparing for a move into a new apartment, home, or office this winter? Are you worried about transporting fragile items, like glass, antiques, and jewelry? To make things more frightening, are you planning on moving these fragile valuables all by yourself?

Nothing is scarier while moving from Miami to Canada than the possibility of your valuables being damaged. Fortunately, you can ease your worries by packing properly. Knowing how to pack is the number-one safeguard against property damage. It will save you stress during the moving process.

Here are a few expert packing tips that you should implement with your next move:

Fragile Items Should Go in Smaller Boxes

It’s common knowledge to place fragile items in a secure box, but what if your box isn’t the right one?

It’s possible that the box you choose is too flimsy or too large to secure the object. The thicker your box is, the more secure it will be. The more appropriately sized your box is for the fragile object, the less likely your objects will fall over during travel.  Anything that’s easily breakable should be placed in its own container away from other items that can damage it. That way, if the box gets moved around during travel, it won’t be bumping against another object.


You Should Use Packing Material for Fragile Items

Surround your items with additional security materials like protective paper, Styrofoam, towels, and even plush toys. This will keep your items away from the harsh surface of the box and will protect them from shifting. Using packing material for fragile items will also protect them from being punctured.

Another great idea is to place extra layers of tape on all sides of the box. This way, you know that the box isn’t going to come apart in your hands, and it’s much harder for a nosey Parker to peek inside.


Place the Heaviest Items at the Bottom

It’s easy to lose track of items during packing if multiple people are involved, and they might make the mistake of placing a valuable underneath a large object.

Even though fragile objects should go in separate containers, sometimes it’s not possible. If this is the case, make sure everyone involved in the packing places the fragile objects on top of the heavier ones. Otherwise, your china might be crushed!


Seek Help

Moving is an arduous process that shouldn’t be more stressful than necessary. You might be on a budget, but trusting a moving service with your precious items can alleviate your packing worries.

If you decide to trust a packing service, there are a few qualities to look for among expert movers:

  • A fully licensed service. This will ensure that the moving company you’re trusting is up to standard.
  • A company that specializes in fragile objects. Companies that advertise themselves as extra careful are essential. It shows that they have experience in dealing with fragile items, which is exactly what you need if you have a collection of delicate items.

Search your local area for a company that boasts these qualities. If you’re moving to or from Miami, Florida, consider calling Nobel Relocation. We are a fully licensed, national moving company that specializes in fragile object care. Call 1-800-971-6711 for a free quote today!


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