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The World is at your FingerTips

Over the past decade, relocation has become more common.  Each year companies are relocating more and more employees overseas. According to NVL (Nobel Relocation international branch) these numbers will continue to grow. “Globalization and relocation go hand by hand, ” Says, Yaniv Dalei, an international Moving specialist.

A couple of decades ago, leaving your country for an extended period of time without your family was considered being a big deal. This kind of relocation used to be only for the rich and famous. Nowadays, moving employees abroad has become a necessity to many global companies looking to expand.

The United States is still the leading country in net immigration, meaning that more people and companies are moving into the US with only a small percentage of companies relocating out. But this small percentage of only 0.07% makes over one million people moving out of the US to a different country every year.

So how do you prepare yourself for overseas relocation?

When it comes to moving overseas, there are three main reasons, according to the 2013 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey (CPS):
Housing 48%- people who are looking for a better home and better living
Family ties 30%
Employment 20%
(The rest 2% are from other reasons)

Mostly, the first two groups mentioned, know what they’re getting into and have time to plan. Most of the help they need can be given to them by international moving companies.
For the third group, things are a bit more complicated.
When sent overseas for work, usually employees have only a few weeks to make this gigantic decision.

We prepared a few tips given to us from people with relocation experience…

1. Relax!

The first thing you have to know is: “It is not the end of the world.” After you overcome the fear of leaving everything that you know and love, you should prepare yourself to go on an adventure that will eventually add dimension to your life. Most People who have been out of the country for 3 to 10 years report that they appreciate this opportunity given to them and would do it again.

2. Get all the information you need from your moving company

After soaking it in, the smart move is to choose a good experienced Moving company that handles overseas moves, and start preparing your homework.
Most of what you need to know, as far as rules and regulation, taxes bureaucracy offices, best places to be, good schools can be recommended by a good moving company.

3. You can get more out of your moving company

Moving companies can help you more than you know. Not only that they have the best experience they also have of a list of all customers who relocated to the same destination before.

See if the moving expert handling your move can connect you with someone who relocated by its company to the same destination as you. This can make your life much easier. Knowing someone at your new location can mean an easier start for you and your family.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You’ll soon realize that people in a foreign country tend to stick to their own people and having a connection can help.

3. Plan with creativity

Between the time you’ll say yes to your boss or wife and the time your entire belongings will be packed and loaded to a container you’ll have time to research your new destination.  Go over the notes you got from your moving company. Look for forums and blogs that will help you understand better the new environment and will give you inside information about your new whereabouts.  Get creative and participate in schools or in groups that interests you. It’s a good way to belong.

4. Make the time quality time

By the time you will get there and until your shipment will arrive you’ll probably realize you are not the only one relocating around the globe. And that keeping in touch with loved ones is easy as connecting to the local Wi Fi.
You might even find out your mom and your mother in-law and even family members you didn’t know you had really like the fact they have someone abroad they can visit.
When they are not visiting, take the time to spend quality time with your family. Many families living abroad point out that living overseas has brought them closer.

5. Take the time to know the locals

When we move to a different country we tend to look for people from back home and spend most of our time with them. Some “relocaters” didn’t spend any meaningful time with the locals of their relocation country. But those who did usually tend to enjoy more there staying overseas. “When you are only looking for friends who share your nationality you limit yourself and staying an outsider,” Says Manny Razon who relocated to Peru, “One of the reasons my move was a success is that I opened myself up to the local community.”

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