Why hire professional moving services?

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Why hire professional moving services?

Back in your student days, moving may have meant packing your clothes and stuff in a few grocery store boxes – or even garbage bags – and tossing them into the back of a car to take them to your new place. Then at some point, you probably graduated to hiring your local “man with a van” to transport your slightly more substantial worldly goods. But now you are older and wiser (or at least, older), you’re contemplating hiring the pros. Their prices, though, give you pause. Why hire professional moving services? You wonder. Are they really worth the extra money? Well, in a word, yes.

Professional means professional

Professional movers understand moving. They are trained, experienced and reliable. They’ll know how to crate up appliances like washers and fridges to arrive in one fully functioning piece. Pros also know how to get all your things into the moving truck fast and efficiently, arranging boxes and furniture in the most compact yet secure arrangement so that nothing will jostle during the drive. Speaking of driving, when you spring for professional moving services, you’ll be getting a driver with a commercial driver’s license. So you know that he (or she) is qualified to drive one of those big rigs and get to your new home sweet home safely.

Money, money

Have you ever had one of those curbside arguments with a fly by night mover, loudly discussing whose fault it was that your television got broken or whether you actually had fifty boxes or only forty nine? If you haven’t – yet – count yourself lucky. Trusting thousands of dollars’ worth of your belongings to a bunch of strangers without a written contract or insurance is kind of like, well, let’s just say, not the smoothest move imaginable. Not to mention the lawsuit you might face if it’s not your stuff, but the (uninsured) amateur mover himself that gets hurt on the job. Not a fun way to begin a new life in your new home.

Working with the pros

When you do make up your mind to go with the pros, here’s how to get your money’s worth. Book in advance as soon as you know your moving date, to avoid disappointment. Ask if you can get a discount by moving on a day that’s usually slow for them. If you’re springing for moving containers and not empty liquor store cartons, request the gently used version and save cash. Make sure that you are packed up and ready to go well ahead of the scheduled time; the big boys tend to charge by the hour, so don’t waste their time. Label each box with the room it’s supposed to go in. Number it, too, so you can do a quick countdown to make sure everything arrives safely. Have cash or a certified check ready to pay as soon as you get to your destination, and don’t forget to tip the movers.

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