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Why We Stand Above Other International Moving Companies

Going off to live in a new home abroad can be an exciting, once in a lifetime adventure. Unfortunately, it also holds the potential to turn into a disaster. That is why you need the assistance of experts, professionals who are familiar with the bureaucracy, traditions and behavior of the foreign country to which you are heading. Many international moving companies are capable of loading and shipping your household goods, but we will go that extra mile … or kilometer … to ensure that you and your belongings are successfully settled in your new home overseas.

Short term international move

If you are moving overseas for a relatively short period – a professor’s sabbatical year or half-year, for example – you will need to pack relatively lightly. We can help you decide which possessions are advisable to bring with you to your destination and what should be left behind in our secure storage facility to await your return. For example, we will guide you as to appropriate dress for the climate and culture to which you are heading so that you will know what type of clothing to take along. We will also recommend items such as furniture and household appliances that you might want to rent once you arrive in your destination country.

Longer term international move

A longer term stay abroad involves quite a different packing strategy. In addition to clothes and some precious personal possessions, you may well want to ship your own kitchen appliances, with adaptors as necessary, to give your new quarters a more settled, homey feeling. You might also need to bring along such tools of your trade as professional equipment, supplies, electronics, books, or journals, which we will carefully pack for you. We are also experienced at sea transport of vehicles, so you can leave the moving of your car in our capable hands.

Permanent international move

Perhaps you have decided to head overseas permanently, whether for retirement, work, marriage or your own personal reasons. As required, we will sort, pack and crate up those of your belongings that you choose to keep with you as part of your new life. (Of course, you are likely to have done some major household de-cluttering before you reach this point.) We will also take care of all the paperwork required to expedite your goods and your vehicle through the customs procedure of your “adopted” country. We specialize in cutting red tape! Our goal will be to get your belongings to you as quickly as possible, with no delays due to your lack of knowledge of the local language or culture. That way, you‘ll be free to focus on beginning this brave new chapter of your life, in your international home.

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